Assistant Teachers

Math-M-Addicts (MMA) is seeking Assistant Teachers for its Saturday math enrichment program in NYC. A Head Teacher and one or more Assistant Teachers work together to instruct students in grades 5-12 using the teaching methods and curriculum developed by MMA’s founders. The program aims to provide insight into advanced-level math.

After one or more semesters in an Assistant Teacher role, candidates may be invited to become a Head Teacher.


  • Assist the Head Teacher in leading classes

  • Help maintain student engagement by assisting in discussions

  • Give Head Teacher feedback on which students may need extra help

  • Work with students individually and in small groups

  • Assume Head Teacher responsibilities in his/her absence

  • Meet with MMA founders to review course materials


  • A degree in math, science, or engineering

  • Fluency in areas such as combinatorics, number theory, the pigeon-hole principle, graphs, mathematical induction, geometry, and game theory

  • Experience with a math circle or math team is a plus

  • Experience teaching in a collaborative environment is a plus

How to Apply

The teacher candidacy process is divided into three steps:

  • Submit a resume and cover letter to careers@mathmaddicts.com. Include in your cover letter information about your math background which you feel will help us determine the student group level best matched to your experience.

  • (Optional) Visit the program.

  • Give a 15-minute mock lesson on one topic. Please allow for 10 minutes of questions following your presentation. Possible topics for teaching candidates for Group Y and Group S include: Pascal’s Triangle, Fermat’s Little Theorem, and Mathematical Induction. Topics for teaching candidates for our more advanced classes will vary depending on level.

Math-M-Addicts is an Equal Opportunity Employer.