Open Positions


Assistant Teachers

Math-M-Addicts (MMA) is seeking Assistant Teachers for its Saturday math enrichment program in NYC. A Head Teacher and one or more Assistant Teachers work together to instruct students in grades 5-12 using the teaching methods and curriculum developed by MMA’s founders. The program aims to provide insight into advanced-level math.

After one or more semesters in an Assistant Teacher role, candidates may be invited to become a Head Teacher.


  • Assist the Head Teacher in leading classes

  • Help maintain student engagement by assisting in discussions

  • Give Head Teacher feedback on which students may need extra help

  • Work with students individually and in small groups

  • Assume Head Teacher responsibilities in his/her absence

  • Meet with MMA founders to review course materials


  • A degree in math, science, or engineering

  • Fluency in areas such as combinatorics, number theory, the pigeon-hole principle, graphs, mathematical induction, geometry, and game theory

  • Experience with a math circle or math team is a plus

  • Experience teaching in a collaborative environment is a plus

How to Apply

The teacher candidacy process is divided into three steps:

  • Submit a resume and cover letter to Include in your cover letter information about your math background which you feel will help us determine the student group level best matched to your experience.

  • (Optional) Visit the program.

  • Give a 15-minute mock lesson on one topic. Please allow for 10 minutes of questions following your presentation. Possible topics for teaching candidates for Group Y and Group S include: Pascal’s Triangle, Fermat’s Little Theorem, and Mathematical Induction. Topics for teaching candidates for our more advanced classes will vary depending on level.

Senior Program Administrator

Math-M-Addicts NY (MMA) is a non-profit organization focused on enriching students who have an interest in math through a rigorous Saturday math program in New York City. Its subsidiary, Girls’ Adventures in Math (GAIM), focuses on supporting girls around the world in their math journeys via a fun, team-oriented themed math competition for upper elementary and middle school girls.

MMA is seeking a part-time Senior Program Administrator, with the possibility to transition to full-time at a later date, to handle administrative operations at our Manhattan location, as well as to assist with administrative operations for our national GAIM competition. We are looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented professional with very strong written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills. The successful candidate will be driven and self-motivated. The role requires being on-site on Saturdays when classes take place, and occasionally during the week to organize activities, with the rest of the work being conducted remotely.

As we are a growing organization, the ideal candidate will take initiative to address areas requiring attention, even those not listed under ‘Responsibilities’ below.


Math-M-Addicts Saturday program:

  • Program administration – answer emails about the program, create and maintain group email lists

  • Planning and organization – organize periodic teacher meetings and parent-teacher meetings, arrange supervision for the afternoon math program and entrance exams

  • Recruiting – help recruit new teachers, schedule new teacher interviews, arrange on-site visits, and welcome candidates

Girls' Adventures in Math:

  • Planning and organization – participate in recruitment of new GAIM host sites, help communicate with existing GAIM host sites

Other responsibilities may include:

  • Saturday program admissions-related work (sending welcome emails and replying to parent inquiries)

  • Creation and administration of Saturday program student surveys

  • Creation of semiannual newsletters for the Saturday program

  • Printing of Saturday program entrance exams and answering exam-related questions

  • Creation and scheduling of social media posts for GAIM


  • Self-motivated detail-oriented individual with strong problem-solving skills

  • Ability to effectively multi-task and prioritize among many objectives and tasks

  • BA degree or equivalent

  • 2+ years of professional post-graduate experience

  • Excellent knowledge of Google office suite (Google Docs / Google Sheets) or Microsoft Office suite (MS Word / MS Excel)

  • Excellent writing skills, as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Flexibility to work on site on Saturdays during the academic school year, while classes are in session

  • An interest in advanced math education is a plus


We expect for the role to start as part-time, 10-20 hours per week, with the possibility of a full-time transition within 3-12 months upon mutual agreement of both parties. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and time commitment.

How to apply

Send your resume and cover letter to

Math-M-Addicts is an Equal Opportunity Employer.